Charming City

Walking around my new home, Charm City, I wanted to take pictures of scenes that caught my eye. When I lived in New York, I used to carry a small silk notebook to write down what I wanted to capture to memory. Now, I can take pictures and use those images as triggering points from which to write.

Blue Moon Café: 1621 Aliceanna St Baltimore, MD 21231 (410) 522-3940.
This a place that Ronnie, my son’s best friend in Colorado, told him to go to because he saw it on the Food Network. The restaurant is a link to a past experience because it is a link to my son’s beloved friend. Places take on layers of meanings, the memories you created there, the suggestion made by someone whose opinion you value and the hopes you place upon the experience you wish to have there. Blue Moon is small, inviting and worth the wait for the innovative breakfast and brunch fare. Featuring perfected twists on traditional dishes: hashbrowns that crisp perfectly on the tongue and teeth and caramel rolls that are sinfully delectable. Because the dining space is so limited, I would suggest getting takeout when placing your order. What I have heard from others who have ate there is that when you eat there, you want to look for your Mama in the kitchen because the food is that authentic and heart warming. While I walked by, I saw the most beautiful Saturday brunch outfit on this woman. Since I have been contemplating going to fashion school, I have been more watchful of styles that seems to flatter and accent the shape of one's body. Just beautiful and effortless.

I love being by the water again. Baltimore reminds me of an amalgamation of my favorite cities: Brooklyn’s flavor and diversity, parks that echo of Central Park, the docks of Oakland and churches of the Mission in San Francisco. I grew up by the water, and I see why I need it. Seeing the water reaching back out to the ocean beyond the freighters and the industrial buildings, makes me feel expansive as if anything could happen even if it is not within my sights right now. Looking at the mountains in Colorado, I felt blocked, almost trapped by the grandeur before me.

Next to the some of the newer docks are these old docks that are falling apart and overgrown with grass. How did the grass get there? Did someone plant some soil and then the grass seeds spread? But there is real beauty in seeing how negligence still gives life. When looking back over my images notebook, I realized many things that I found beautiful were broken:
Shattered blue automobile glass
A fork that is pressed into the street
Shoes left all alone, a single mitten

I find beauty in accidents like this birthday cake that was thrown on the ground face forward. The day-glo like colors are intense against the black of the pavement. It makes me wonder what happened? Many stories form in my head.

Did someone slip and drop a cake for a child’s birthday?
Was someone pissed and decided to dump the cake on the ground?
Were they tempted to still taste the frosting? I was.

Why does breaking or destroying certain things more meaningful than others?


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